Misha was founded in 1988 with a simple vision: to offer an unparalleled brand of carpets and area rugs that reflect innovation, style and opulence. Today, 30 years later, that vision has materialized into a distinct reality with the company’s steady rise to become a reputable dealer and manufacturer. Misha works closely with leading designers and architects across the industry and is recognized for its commitment to utilize the finest materials, craftsmanship and designs to deliver unparalleled elegance and amazing quality. Our flagship materials include silk and wool that are hand-prepared at local and international mills with years of experience.


Misha continually strives to meet its client’s expectations: be it an intricate design, finding a compatible material and pattern to accentuate a desired theme, or completing an overnight installation for a time driven project.


Misha has gained industry recognition and received notable features in national publications such as Architectural Digest, El Décor, House Beautiful and New York Cottages and Gardens. However, Misha’s impeccable reputation is best affirmed by its clientele’s consistent loyalty and satisfaction.