Our Comprehensive, Customized End to End Process

Since every project is unique, Misha provides a comprehensive end to end service that is specifically tailored to meet each project’s requirement and specification. Our skilled and dedicated installers will always ensure your expectation and satisfaction is achieved with impeccable service.

Selection & Customization

Whether it is an intricate design for a particular room or a spiral staircase, Misha will work closely with your designer to achieve every detail to deliver perfection.


Misha offers in-home precision style measurement to always ensure a perfect and snuggle fit.

Installation & Delivery

Misha offers friendly, flexible schedules to accommodate most request. Our professionally trained and experienced in-house mechanics, each with more than 18 years of unblemished record, deliver all materials on the day of installation.

Misha performs all types of installation including:

  • Residential
  • Hotels
  • Entrance & Lobbies
  • Walls
  • Theatres
  • Custom stairs & halls
  • Yachts
  • Gym

Removal & Disposal

Misha will remove and dispose of any old carpet following the installation.

Rug fabrication

Misha creates customized templates to accommodate any shape and size:  circle, oval, octagon, fireplace cut out, etc. Additionally, Misha fabricate rugs to specification using a variety of finishing materials: leather, linen, cotton, jute, chenille, suede, tapestry, skins, polyester, microfiber, hand binding, serging, etc.




Сarpet Border


Narrow Cotton Binding


Linen Binding




Solid Carpet Border


Top Stitch Leather


Leather Binding

Rug Spreading

Misha uses specialized non-skid padding under all area rugs to eliminate slippage and movement, a common and overlooked error that plagues most rug spreading. From template to fabrication, we oversee every detail to guarantee a perfect fit, whether it is around a fireplace hearth or a standard wood margin around the edges of a room.


Misha aligns with “best in partner” cleaning workrooms in the Tri-State area to provide outstanding cleaning service and fiber shield protection.